“What to do if, after the abolition of antidepressants, the world seems dull?”

Three months ago I stopped taking antidepressants. There was a feeling that he was drunk for five years, and now he returned to reality and covers me. Covers from the fact that by my age I have neither a family, nor my housing, nor a profession in which I could self -realize. In November last year, I moved to my hometown from the metropolis, I work remotely. I earn good money, but I understand that all this is not interesting to me. Before moving, my expectations in my personal life were not justified, with the girl we did not work out strong. Now I am generally afraid of emotional closeness, only sex, and he is drew.

Why cling to not slide down the social ladder, not to form phobias, do not choke alone?

Alexander, 34 years old

Alexander, you do not indicate in a letter why antidepressants began to take and continued to drink them for five whole years. This is really important to understand the reasons for the current dissatisfaction with life.


Unfortunately, in such a long time, these medicines have firmly entered the system of your metabolism, and now you are faced with the abolition syndrome. Your negative emotions may be directly related to this.

You see, antidepressants artificially delay the hormone of joy – serotonin – in nerve cells, blocking natural hormonal metabolism. Now your nervous system takes a long time to restore your chemical and hormonal background. That is why, and even due to many side effects, taking antidepressants-this is an extreme measure only for diseases of a severe spectrum.

But it’s too late to dissuade you: what we have, then we have. You say that now you are faced with reality. Yes, what you list is not a reason for joy. Although why not?

You parted with a girl with whom a strong relationship has not developed. This is bad? No, this means that you are not limited to toxic relationships, you are free from them. You moved to your hometown. Well, something did not work out for you, but there was where to return. This is a rare success. You are not interested in work. But you have it, as well as the opportunity to look for something more suitable without caring for money. For many, this is a luxury in our time, you do not find?

This is the simplest exercise to look at the situation from a different angle, from the side. I recommend it to you so as not to choke in this glow of the feelings of you.

To help the psyche recover after antidepressants, develop your intellectual abilities in any way for you. The fact is that medicines rebuilt neural ties. Now you need to restore them. For this, any intellectual classes are suitable as well as possible. They will help to look at life from a different point of view.